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    Dear friends:
    Welcome to join Guochang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. from your first step into Guochang, we will unite together and walk through a golden age in our life! Environment is the basic premise of human survival and development. Protecting the environment, reducing environmental pollution, curbing the trend of ecological deterioration, and protecting and creating a better environment is not only a basic national policy of our country, but also the mission of each of us. I firmly believe that choosing Guochang environmental protection is an important decision on your life path. I also hope that this decision will be a key step on your life path of creating value for the society, personal career development and realizing your ideals. A man’s most precious life is only once. A man’s life should be spent like this: when he recalls the past, he will not regret for wasting his time; Nor will he be ashamed of his mediocrity. When he is dying, he can say: my whole life and energy have been dedicated to the most magnificent cause in the world – human environmental protection. This is the purpose of Guochang; This is the future of the company. Here, I wish you all happy and happy to realize your values in this period of struggle together!
    Before the official appointment, Guochang environmental protection requires everyone to remember the following paragraph and abide by it! Guochang environmental protection is an army,
    It is a school and a family at the same time. For the sake of the army, we are resolute in carrying out orders and prohibitions; For our school, we are modest and studious, giving people the cream. For the family, we love each other and share weal and woe.
    In the days when we grow up together, there are many moral qualities worth understanding and gradually possessing:
    Are we ready to work hard when we want to succeed?
    When we are ambitious to become leaders, are we willing to serve others humbly?
    Are we willing to pay more when we want more?
    When we want others to hear our own voice, are we also patiently listening to others?
    When we want to stand in front of people, do we know when to be willing to be behind?
    Have we ever changed ourselves when we always want to change others?
    When we criticize others, do we know self reflection?
    Have we ever respected the feelings of others while we hope others will save enough face for ourselves?
    In Guochang environmental protection, everyone should seriously think about these problems. I think when you find the answers to these questions,
    Your life is also moving towards brilliance!