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    Latest news: do you know the new environmental protection policy in 2018?

    Release time: 2018年4月12日

    With the development of modern society and the emergence of more and more environmental pollution, China pays more and more attention to environmental protection. For some enterprise projects that discharge sewage and steam indiscriminately, the state has also been strictly prohibited, but there are still some enterprises that do not comply with the law, so that environmental protection can not be carried out well. However, from the first day of 2018, all sewage enterprises should pay more attention. Because a series of new policies have been implemented since 2018.
    From January 1, 2018, the following two new environmental protection policies will be implemented nationwide: the environmental protection tax law and the new water pollution prevention and control law.
    1、 The environmental protection tax law of the people's Republic of China was officially levied
    First of all, China has imposed a sewage charge for nearly 40 years, which officially ended on January 1, 2018. As the 19th tax category in China, the new environmental protection tax law of the people's Republic of China was officially levied on January 1, 2018. This is the first time that the Chinese government has imposed environmental protection tax on polluting enterprises in order to solve the problems of insufficient rigidity of law enforcement and local government intervention in the past sewage charge system, The tax law will provide a strong law enforcement basis for China's environmental protection.
    Secondly, environmental protection tax is local income. The State Council printed and distributed the notice on the attribution of environmental protection tax revenue (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which made it clear that environmental protection tax is local revenue. In order to promote local governments to protect and improve the environment and increase investment in environmental protection, the State Council decided that all environmental protection taxes should be regarded as local income. According to the environmental protection tax law of the people's Republic of China, enterprises, institutions and other producers and operators that directly discharge taxable pollutants into the environment within the territory of the people's Republic of China and other sea areas under the jurisdiction of the people's Republic of China are taxpayers of environmental protection tax and shall pay environmental protection tax according to law. According to the estimation of the Central University of Finance and economics, the annual collection scale of environmental protection tax may reach 50 billion yuan after "fee to tax".
    Moreover, after the implementation of the environmental protection tax law of the people's Republic of China, there have been changes in the collection subject, share proportion, tax reduction policy and income use.
    L the collection subject will be changed from the environmental protection department that collects the pollution discharge fee to the tax authority that collects the environmental protection tax
    L the sharing ratio will be changed from 1:9 of the past sewage fee income between the central government and local governments to the income of environmental protection tax. The central government will no longer participate in the sharing and all will be included in the local finance
    L the tax reduction policy not only retains the previous collection of pollutant discharge fee, which halves the collection fee for pollutants discharged by pollutant discharge entities that are lower than 50% of the national discharge standard, but also adds the clause of "environmental protection tax shall be levied at 75% for pollutants discharged by pollutant discharge entities that are lower than 30% of the national discharge standard"
    L the purpose of income will be changed from the past special fund for sewage charges to increase the environmental protection tax of local finance, and its purpose is not clearly stated.
    With the official collection of environmental protection tax on January 1, 2018, various localities have recently published detailed tax rates within the optional tax rates for air and water pollutants.
    2、 The new version of the water pollution prevention and control law was officially implemented
    Not only the new environmental protection tax law, but also the newly revised water pollution prevention and control law has been implemented nationwide since January 1, 2018. The new law adds the content of the river head system, which is not only an institutional innovation in river and lake management, but also an institutional innovation in China's water environment governance system and ensuring national water security. In addition to the river head system, the new law also has many highlights in the following aspects.
    1. Agricultural and rural sewage: the revised law clearly states that the formulation of quality standards and use standards for chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other products should meet the requirements of water environment protection; At the same time, it is also clearly prohibited to discharge industrial wastewater and medical sewage into farmland irrigation channels.
    2. Drinking water safety: the law strengthens the management of drinking water from several aspects, stipulates that a risk assessment and investigation system should be established to prevent risks, and stipulates that cities with single water supply should establish emergency water sources and standby water sources, or establish regional networked water supply. Centralized water supply is also required in rural areas where conditions permit.
    3. Illegal cost of pollution: the new water pollution prevention and control law has further increased the punishment for the bad illegal acts reported by the media, and raised the upper limit of fines, up to 1 million yuan.
    In 2018, the above two new policies will play an important role in protecting the environment and put forward higher requirements for the production of enterprises. Environmental protection is a behavior that everyone should have. We must adhere to green and take the road of environmental protection.