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    Chlorine dioxide generator

    Release time: 2021年11月3日

    As a new oxidant and disinfectant, chlorine dioxide has become a leader in the field of water treatment because of its high efficiency, broad spectrum, no residue, no by-product disinfection ability and strong oxidation ability such as decolorization, deodorization and odor removal. Compared with traditional disinfectants such as ultraviolet, ozone, sodium hypochlorite and liquid chlorine, chlorine dioxide has unique advantages. It has increasingly become the first choice for people in the industry.
    (1) System composition
    The chemical chlorine dioxide generator is composed of feeding system, reaction system, safety system, automatic control system and absorption dosing system.
    (2) Classification
    One is high-purity chlorine dioxide disinfectant generator, and the other is chlorine dioxide compound disinfectant generator. As the name suggests, the product of pure chlorine dioxide disinfectant generator is chlorine dioxide, and the chlorine dioxide composite disinfectant generator generates mixed solutions such as chlorine dioxide and chlorine.
    (3) Reaction principle
    Principle of a kind of reaction: 5naclo2 + 4hcl = 4clo2 + 5nacl + 2H 2O
    Or 2naclo3 + H2O2 + H2SO4 = 2clo2 + Na2SO4 + O2 + 2H2O
    Principle of class II reaction: NaClO3 + 2HCl = ClO2 + 1 / 2Cl2 + NaCl + H2O
    Reaction principle of high purity sulfuric acid method: 2naclo3 + H2O2 + H2SO4 → 2clo2 + Na2SO4 + O2 + 2H2O
    4) Use raw materials
    Class I raw materials: sodium chlorite (industrial grade I product, content ≥ 85%) and industrial synthetic hydrochloric acid (concentration ≥ 31%)
    Or concentrated sulfuric acid (industrial grade I product, concentration 83.0 ± 2.0%), sodium chlorate (industrial grade I product, content ≥ 99%), hydrogen peroxide (Industrial qualified product, content ≥ 27.5%), sodium hypochlorite 10%
    Class II raw materials: sodium chlorate (industrial grade I product, content ≥ 99%) and industrial synthetic hydrochloric acid (concentration ≥ 31%)
    (5) Process flow
    2NaClO3+4HCl=2ClO2+Cl2+2NaCl + 2H2O
    Hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorate are quantitatively injected into the reactor. When the reactor is heated, chlorine dioxide and chlorine are generated by chemical reaction, and then inhaled and added to the disinfection water body through the water ejector.
    (6) Specification classification
    The specification of chlorine dioxide disinfectant generator is determined according to the chlorine dioxide output (g / h) of the equipment. The specification of chlorine dioxide compound disinfectant generator is determined according to the effective chlorine output (g / h) of the equipment.
    (7) Performance characteristics
    A. The technology of negative pressure aeration and positive pressure injection can be used to produce chlorine dioxide disinfectant
    B. The core reactor of the equipment is made of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant composite materials, and the service life of the equipment is long. The reactor is designed as a multistage tower structure and heated by stages. The reaction temperature of the main reactor is as high as 70 ℃, which not only ensures the high content of ClO2, but also improves the conversion of raw materials.
    C. The automatic control system has automatic alarm and protection functions (automatic shutdown) such as undervoltage, material shortage, overtemperature and water shortage
    D. The metering pumps imported from Germany, Japan, the United States and Italy are used for raw material transportation, with stable and reliable operation.
    E. The automatic control system of the equipment has powerful functions. The LED display screen can dynamically display various process parameters of equipment operation (temperature, pressure, liquid level, dosage, residual chlorine dioxide in outlet water and inlet water flow, etc.), and can switch between manual and automatic modes. 4-20mA standard residual chlorine dioxide and inlet flow signals can be accepted to realize on-line closed-loop control of residual chlorine dioxide and inlet flow. At the same time, the remote communication function can be realized through the communication interface.
    (8) Scope of application
    1. Disinfection of living, drinking and tap water on various occasions;
    2. Sterilization of restaurants, hotels, families and tableware sanitary facilities and air environment disinfection, etc.
    3. Final sterilization and disinfection of equipment, pipelines and containers in food and beverage factories and fermentation industry.
    4. Sterilization of pipelines, facilities and environment in dairy factories and slaughterhouses;
    5. Sterilization and disinfection of hospital sewage;
    6. Sterilization of swimming pool, industrial circulating water and bath water;
    7. Anti mildew treatment for disinfection, sterilization and deodorization of hospital, health and clinical instruments;
    8. Preservation and final washing and disinfection of foods such as families, hotels, restaurants, fruits, vegetables and fish;
    9. It is equipped with various oral disinfectants, deodorants and wound cleaning fluids.
    10. Sterilization and deodorization in wastewater reuse;
    11. Bleach for flour and various foods;
    12. Bleaching agents in papermaking and printing and dyeing industries;
    13. Cyanide breaking treatment of electroplating cyanide containing wastewater, decolorization treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater, algae removal and sterilization treatment of industrial cooling water.